Welcome to the Marion Rams Football Department

2019 Club Coaches

  • A Grade Coach
    • Ben Porter – 0433 519 156
  • B Grade Coach
    • Michael O’Dea
  • C Grade Coach
    • TBA
  • Open Women’s Coach
    • Anthony Farrugia
  • Under 16.5’s
    • TBA
  • Under 14’s
    • TBA
  • Under 12’s
    • TBA
  • Under 11’s
    • TBA
  • Under 10’s (1)
    • TBA
  • Under 10’s (2)
    • TBA
  • Under 9’s
    • TBA
  • Under 8’s (1)
    • TBA
  • Under 8’s (2)
    • TBA

Club Contacts


  • MFC Coaches Coordinator – Jack McCallum
  • MFC Football Director – Peter Goode
  • Merchandise/Uniform Officer – Max McCallum


  • Junior Football Manager – Russell Stanborough
  • Junior Coordinator U12-U16.5 – Bridget Partridge
  • Junior Coordinator U8-U11 – Matt Linke
  • Junior Registrar – Michelle McPherson
  • Merchandise/Uniform Officer – Mary-Jane Massicci


Da Da Da  DaDah  Da  Da Da Da Da

Da Da Da Da Da Da …

We are the Green and Gold

We are the old dark green and gold

We’re the team that never lets you down

We’re the only team from Marion town

With all the champions

We like to send up

We keep our ends up

And they will know that they’ve been playing

Against the famous green and gold.


(Sang to the tune of the Carlton Football Club Song)

Player Commitment Expectation

All players are expected to adhere to the player code of conduct for their respective leagues, as well as the clubs code of conduct, the Marion Football club has adopted the standard AFL Community Football Code of Conduct and to observe the following;

  • Respect all opposition players, coaches, umpires and spectators.
  • Operate within the rules and spirit of the game.
  • Show respect for other players and do not bring the game into disrepute.
  • Represent the club with dignity and sportsmanlike behaviour.
  • Support the club and its members at training, matches and club functions.

A fundamental of player commitment is an expectation to attend training and games. Football is a team game and as such, others rely on your commitment to attend. If players are unable to attend they need to advise their coach and/or team manager at the earliest convenience.

Players who are injured or rostered off are still expected to attend matches to support team mates and where possible, assist in volunteer roles on game day.


The Marion Football Club, its officials and players will lead by example and encourage young people to play Australian Rules football, build their fitness, skills and teamwork, and foster their leadership qualities.

Good sportsmanship, courage, fair play and self control will be demonstrated and strongly emphasised by coaches and players on and off the field, along with respect for the rules of the game, the umpires and the decisions that they make.

Supporters, parents and partners of players also have a responsibility to act and behave in a manner that shows respect for other people and does not bring the football club into disrepute.

We as members and supporters of the club must adhere to the rules of the Marion Football Club and the Marion Sports and Community Club, working together to promote a family orientated club and facility for all to enjoy.

Marion Football Club will take every opportunity to provide a positive, healthy environment for our young people to grow to their full potential and be able to take their rightful place within the wider communities.

Marion Football Club will NOT tolerate obscene or offensive language or behaviour, racial abuse, drunken or bullying behaviour from any of the football club’s officials, players or supporters.

Approved and Authorised by the MFC Executive Committee.


  • SENIOR $355
  • WOMEN’S $170
  • UNDER 16.5s $190
  • UNDER 14s $190
  • All other Junior Sides $170

Supporter Memberships Available – more info coming soon.

  1. Fees must be paid by Round 9.
  2. Payments by instalments are welcome.
  3. A minimum payment of $120 of fees is required before April the 6th, Round 1.
  4. A members draw will be conducted on home game days at post match presentations. Prize ($50) will jackpot if member not present. You will need to have your card to gain free entry to home games (or pay the $5 entry fee) and to be a participant in the first members draw.
  5. Please be aware of the importance of the payment of fees, player fees are a major part of our revenue.
  6. For any enquiries in relation to the payment of fees contact Stuart Simpson, Treasurer on 0400 636 456.

Account Details

Account Name:  Marion Football Club
BSB: 065 116
Account Number: 10014287
Reference: please include child’s surname and reason for payment
(ie) fees or merchandise – if possible also the age group
(ie) Jones U11 Merch

Game day help seniors and juniors

Everyone at Marion Football club is a volunteer and we appreciate the time and effort that goes into making our club run as it does but it does however need more volunteers to help with team fundraising, doing the small jobs that need to be done an match day (description as stated below) without the following task being done we cannot put a team on the field.


  • Enter details of the match on the scorecard, eg date, date grade, participating teams.
  • Stand behind goal line and in line with the flight of the ball, in order to make correct decisions, i.e. goal or point and signal to the field umpire by the use of hands.
  • Wave the appropriate flag/s after field umpire signals “All Clear”
  • Enter each score on scorecard.
  • Check score with other goal umpire and have the field umpire sign the card at the end of each quarter.
  • After the match, check the score with other goal umpire, sign the card and hand to the field umpire.


  • Shall be responsible for the following activities:
  • Ensuring scorecard is filled in correctly, with date grade, participating side and identify on scorecard that is the timekeepers scorecard.
  • Operating the siren and time clock at the home games in conjunction with the visiting timekeeper.
  • Sounding the siren at the commencement of play, end of each quarter and at the end of game.
  • Sounding the siren when the time has been reached to complete the quarter breaks.
  • Keeping an accurate scorecard that should be checked and signed at the end of play and handed to the team manager.
  • Recording the times for players who are ‘sent off’ the field during the course of the match.


GradePlaying TimeStartFinish
Under 14’s4 x 15 minutes8:15am9:30am
Under 16’s4 x 19 minutes9:35am11:05am
Under 18’s4 x 20 minutes11:10am12:45pm
B Grade4 x 22 minutes12:15pm2:05pm
A Grade4 x 20 minutes
plus time on


  • ¼ time 3 minutes. Siren to be sounded 2 minutes after end of previous quarter.
  • ½ time 7 minutes. Siren to be sounded 5 minutes after end of previous quarter.
  • ¾ time 5 minutes. Siren to be sounded 3 minutes after end of previous quarter.

The home side timekeeper shall be responsible for ensuring that the siren is operated at the designated finishing time of each match. If matches are running late, the timekeepers should confer and reduce the second half to allow the match to finish at the correct time.


All registered and financial players are covered by the AFL Insurance Scheme which assists in covering major non-Medicare costs which may arise as a result of injury.

The cost of an ambulance is not covered by this insurance and players are advised to have private ambulance cover.


The Club runs an Auskick clinic on Sunday mornings from 9.30am, children from the age of 5 are welcome, and this is a great way for them to learn the basic skills of the game in a fun and safe environment.

The cost of the clinic is decided by the AFL Auskick and includes an Auskick pack. Please check the Auskick website www.aflauskick.com.au for details.

Key Information for Seniors


Marion Seniors participate in Division 6 of the Adelaide Football League.

The season normally consists of 18 rounds followed by a final series.

Game Start times

Games are played on a Saturday, with B grade starting at 12.15pm and A grade at 2.15pm. Coaches will advise what time players are required to arrive at the ground for warm-up, typically 11am for the B Grade and 1pm for the A Grade.


All seniors are required to have their own Marion shorts and socks (green) for playing. Home games require that players wear their green club shorts and away games require white club shorts. The team guernsey is supplied by the club and need to be returned to the kit bag after every game so they can be washed by the club. Uniforms are available for purchase from the club.
If a player wishes to wear ‘skins’ under their shorts, the SAAFL requires that they only be beige in colour. Other coloured skins are not allowed and the club will be subject to fines if players do not comply. These fines may be passed onto players.


Volunteers are required to assist with the interchange, time keeping, running water and Scoreboard. Coordination of these rules is managed by the Team Managers.

Help is also required and welcomed for work on both the BBQ and Canteen on home game days if you can assist please contact Kym Buckney or Jane Day, or talk to any of the club’s committee.

Key Information for Juniors


Marion Juniors participate in the SANFL Juniors Football League. The club is bound by the rules and regulations of the SANFL.

The season normally consists of 15 rounds. Teams from U12 upwards, play for premiership points and a series of finals games follow at the completion of the round games.

Teams in U8 through to U10 play in a modified game of either 9 or 12 a side, with U11 upwards playing 18 a side.

Game Start times

Games are generally played on a Sunday, although there may be Friday night games scheduled throughout the season. The time of games will vary and families are advised to check on the appropriate fixture at www.sanfl.com.au/home_page_panel/fixtures/ OR via the Sports TG Game Day app.

Coaches will advise what time children are required at the playing field prior to the start of the game for warm-up.


All juniors are required to have their own Marion shorts (green) and socks (green) for playing. The team guernsey is supplied by the club and each team will have their own arrangements regarding the washing and distribution of guernseys. From U 14’s upwards, players are required to also have a pair of white Marion shorts to be worn for away games. Uniforms are available for purchase from the club.

If a player wishes to wear ‘skins’ under their shorts, the SANFL requires that they only be beige in colour. Other coloured skins are not allowed and the club will be subject to fines if players do not comply.

Boots with metal tipped sprigs are not permissible in the SANFL competition and no jewellery is to be worn during training or games.


It is a requirement of the SANFL that all junior players wear mouthguards during games. It is also expected that players will bring mouthguards to training sessions for use in contact training.


Parents are required to help out with games in roles such as team manager, goal umpiring, boundary umpire or time keeper. Team managers and coaches will call on families to volunteer at various times throughout the season.

When playing at home, volunteers are also required to assist with the canteen and BBQ. These are important fundraisers for the club and contribute to the provision of equipment and trophies for players.

It is an expectation that all families will become involved in volunteer roles at least once or twice throughout the season.


Marion Football Club is supported by the Marion Sports and Community Club and sponsors. Fundraising is important for the clubs success and various fundraising ventures are conducted throughout the season. These include raffles, a variety of social functions and the canteen/BBQ at every home game. These fundraisers are all run by volunteers and require the support of players and families to be successful.