Welcome Volunteers

Everyone at the Marion Football club is a volunteer and we appreciate the time and effort that goes into making our club run as it does but we do need more. Whether it's team fundraising or doing the small jobs that need to be done on match day (description as stated below) every little bit helps. 


Goal Umpiring


  • Enter details of the match on the scorecard, eg date, date grade, participating teams.
  • Stand behind goal line and in line with the flight of the ball, in order to make correct decisions, i.e. goal or point and signal to the field umpire by the use of hands.
  • Wave the appropriate flag/s after field umpire signals “All Clear”
  • Enter each score on scorecard.
  • Check score with other goal umpire and have the field umpire sign the card at the end of each quarter.
  • After the match, check the score with other goal umpire, sign the card and hand to the field umpire.


Time Keeping


  • Shall be responsible for the following activities:
  • Ensuring scorecard is filled in correctly, with date grade, participating side and identify on scorecard that is the timekeepers scorecard.
  • Operating the siren and time clock at the home games in conjunction with the visiting timekeeper.
  • Sounding the siren at the commencement of play, end of each quarter and at the end of game.
  • Sounding the siren when the time has been reached to complete the quarter breaks.
  • Keeping an accurate scorecard that should be checked and signed at the end of play and handed to the team manager.
  • Recording the times for players who are ‘sent off’ the field during the course of the match.

Game Times



  • ¼ time 3 minutes. Siren to be sounded 2 minutes after end of previous quarter.
  • ½ time 7 minutes. Siren to be sounded 5 minutes after end of previous quarter.
  • ¾ time 5 minutes. Siren to be sounded 3 minutes after end of previous quarter.

The home side timekeeper shall be responsible for ensuring that the siren is operated at the designated finishing time of each match. If matches are running late, the timekeepers should confer and reduce the second half to allow the match to finish at the correct time.