About Us


The Marion Football Club, its officials and players will lead by example and encourage young people to play Australian Rules football, build their fitness, skills and teamwork, and foster their leadership qualities.

Good sportsmanship, courage, fair play and self control will be demonstrated and strongly emphasised by coaches and players on and off the field, along with respect for the rules of the game, the umpires and the decisions that they make.

Supporters, parents and partners of players also have a responsibility to act and behave in a manner that shows respect for other people and does not bring the football club into disrepute.

We as members and supporters of the club must adhere to the rules of the Marion Football Club and the Marion Sports and Community Club, working together to promote a family orientated club and facility for all to enjoy.

Marion Football Club will take every opportunity to provide a positive, healthy environment for our young people to grow to their full potential and be able to take their rightful place within the wider communities.

Marion Football Club will NOT tolerate obscene or offensive language or behaviour, racial abuse, drunken or bullying behaviour from any of the football club’s officials, players or supporters.


We are a family friendly club and welcome all new players and their families to join us.


Approved and Authorised by the MFC Executive Committee.

Player Commitment Expectation


All players are expected to adhere to the player code of conduct for their respective leagues, as well as the clubs code of conduct, the Marion Football club has adopted the standard AFL Community Football Code of Conduct and to observe the following;

  • Respect all opposition players, coaches, umpires and spectators.
  • Operate within the rules and spirit of the game.
  • Show respect for other players and do not bring the game into disrepute.
  • Represent the club with dignity and sportsmanlike behaviour.
  • Support the club and its members at training, matches and club functions.

A fundamental of player commitment is an expectation to attend training and games. Football is a team game and as such, others rely on your commitment to attend. If players are unable to attend they need to advise their coach and/or team manager at the earliest convenience.

Players who are injured or rostered off are still expected to attend matches to support team mates and where possible, assist in volunteer roles on game day.

Junior Football

 Our Juniors are ever growing, with great results in 2019 as our under 16.5’s won the Grand Final as well as bringing in an inaugural Junior Girls team.  We are looking at increasing our numbers and continuing to improve on our performances right across the club. 


 Marion Football Club is supported by the Marion Sports and Community Club and sponsors. Fundraising is important for the clubs success and various fundraising ventures are conducted throughout the season. These include raffles, a variety of social functions and the canteen/BBQ at every home game. These fundraisers are all run by volunteers and require the support of players and families to be successful.